Only forty kilometres from the Tyhrrenian sea Volterra has a Mediterranan/central European climate with autumn and spring rainfall, a fairly mild winter and a dry ventilated summer .
The average winter temperature ranges from 1 to 10 degrees centigrade and rarely falls below zero
while the autumn months are slightly warmer ( an average of 19 c) than the spring (an average of about 16 C ).

Due to its isolated, exposed position Volterra tends to be ventilated throughout the year.
Sea winds generally prevail during the spring and summer and continental winds during the autumn and winter.
The elevation acts as a partial barrier where the sea winds discharge their humidity,so that the rainfall thus tends to be more abundant than the surrounding area.
The rainiest season is undoubtedly autumn (especially November and December) although
heavy rainfall is also recorded in February, March and spring. Summer is dry , especially in July although it may rain in the middle of August.