Along the Railway to the Salt pits
(P, B)

Volterra-Cappuccini-the railway track-Saline di Volterra- the old salt pits-Scornello-Volterra

Time needed: half a day

This is an open panoramic trail following the old rack-railway that ran from Volterra to Saline
from 1912 to1958. Saline has always been economically important to Volterra for its salt extraction. At the Cappuccini Convent ( 15th-16th century) walk down the road leading to the railway track. Follow the track crossed by several bridges, lined with old railway houses and small maintenence buildings; this is a charming walk through open countryside and a spectacular view of the soft rolling Tuscan hills down to Saline. At Saline walk past the salt factory and a chemical plant you come to the area of the old salt pits . Once extracted by evaporation,water is now injected into the underground deposits and the brine is then industrially treated (by evaporation and centrifugation).
The prolonged exploitation of the rock salt has modified the landscape in the area.
Returning up the road towards Scornello, a villa of the Inghirami family proceed through old farm houses until you come to the SS.68 just below S.Lazzero.

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