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The Pliocene basin of Volterra
(A, B, T)

Volterra - Citerna - Infrascato - Bacchettona - Corbano - S.Cipriano - Le Balze - Volterra

Time needed: half day (A,B)/ a full day (T)

This is a very interesting panoramic trail through the Pliocene basin of Volterra. Follow the country lane down from the water font at Borgo S.Stefano, turn left and proceed until you pass an alabaster workshop which leads to the main road to Montecatini Val di Cecina. On your right you can admire the outstanding view of the precipitous ravines ( Le Balze)which looms over the clay basin of the Era valley. The little village of Citerna leads you through open fields and pasture land spread out over the soft rolling hills. From the road you can admire the erosions caused by the clay soil (there is one near the Infrascato farm house). Turn right at the SS.439 crossroads follow the road to Montecatini and then turn right in the direction of Volterra. The road takes you through a landscape of barren hills and rugged clay gullies to the little 11th century church of S.Lucia at Corbano, the village of S.Cipriano and the road back to Volterra. This walk up to Volterra is particularly awe inspiring for it is from here that you can admire the majestic view of the Balze, especially from the abandoned Camaldolite Abbey built in the 11th century.
The deep rugged crags were created by the natural erosion of the arenaceous layers of Pliocene.
and engulfed the Etruscan burial site and the church of S.Giusto in Botro in the 17th century .

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