Through Gorges and Crags.

Volterra-Scopicci-Cascatelle-Pieve della Nera- C. Cafaggiolo- Monte Nero- Ulignano-

Time needed. half a day

The area of Monte Nero, just a few kilometres from Volterra is distinguished by the great mass of molten rock sculptured by the waters of the Strolla into narrow valleys,deep gorges and picturesque water falls set amidst lush vegetation.
To locate this panoramic area, park your car in the vicinity of the Scopicci villa. Walk up the hill towards the villa turn left down the country lane and turn left again to a path leading to the slopes of M.Nero and the beautiful water fall (known as the Cascatelle) and into the gorge imbedded in pillow lavas. Cross over the river to the Uliveto farm house. Follow the path on your right up to the Fonte del Latte ( the Milk Font),it is believed that the source contains properties which encourage an abundunt milk supply for breast feeding mothers. In the vicinity there are the ruins of the 11th century church of St John the Baptist.
On the top of the Poggio di Casalone you can visit that which remains of the 10th century castle Castello della Nera once subjected to the power struggles between the bishops and the commune. Follow the path past the church , turn right, cross and walk up to the Cafaggiolo farm house. Follow Proceed along the north eastern slopes of M.Nero until you come to a small path on your right , cross an open field to the spectacular sight of the rocky spur,known as the “tooth of M.Nero” which looks over the valley and dominates an awe inspiring panoramic view.
At this point you can turn back and take the main road to the Ulignano Villa and the Scopicci Villa.

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